Grassroots Competition Tech & New Comp Structure

Grassroots Series (5 rounds) Starting July 7th at Agassiz Speedway

New for this year!

  • Everyone qualifies!
  • Lower entry prices (early bird)
  • Driver BCDA sponsor windshield banners
  • Island driver discounts
  • American Drivers get tire deals on our competitive tires. Please email to inquire
  • Open drift post competition 
  • Top 3 drivers  of all rounds get prizes (tba shortly)
  • Layout for competition will be released day of 
  • You show up late to the drivers meeting, you will be penalized. Please read below for specifics. 


Biggest Prize Pool To Date Thanks To Our Sponsors!

Overall Series winner 

Bold Connections Drift Alliance Inc. Open Drift Golden Tickets x10 ($1000 value) (Agassiz Speedway)

1 pair of zestino tires courtesy of Zestino Canada ($350)

Executive detail package courtesy Reapers Customs ($450)

Rc Drift Kit courtesy One10Hobbies ($350)


Guaranteed each Round

  • 🥇1 Pair of Zestino’s ($350value) and $200 cash courtesy Zestino Tire Canada, Basic Detail Package courtesy Reapers Customs($150value), 
  • 🥈$200 cash courtesy Zestino Tire Canada, $100 Gift Card courtesy of Certified Autosound
  • 🥉$100 cash courtesy Zestino Tire Canada, $50 Gift Card courtesy StillReelProductions Drone Footage

More prizes to be announced as sponsors roll in!!


Sponsors list:

Zestino Tire Canada.

Kinetic Signs.

Accell Auto Glass.

Reapers Customs.


Drift Enthusiast Magazine.

Certified Autosound.

Still Reel Productions.


Rules and regulations 

** Dog-boxes Sequential shifters, and Quick Change rear ends are not permitted 

** 235w. 300tw cap (your aloud to run a smaller tire but must remain above the 300tw rule)

1.Car must be free of any leaks. if the car appears "wet" in the engine bay or underneath you will be turned around and be asked to go fix it. Cooling systems can only have water in them, you may use a water wetter. (Off-season exceptions)

2.Appearance wise the vehicle must show up with all body panels attatched securely to the vehicle. (hood,trunk,doors,front and rear bumpers) battery must be securely tied down with the correct mounting hardware positive battery terminal must be covered with something insulated. 

3.All vehicles must be equipped with a minimum 5lb fire extinguisher or a fully operational fire suppression system. Element fire sticks are allowed in substition of the fire extinguisher but no smaller than a e-50. (no expeptions, come prepared)

4.Vehicle must have fully operational lights activated by either a switch or factory controls (brake lights,headlights)

5.Vehicle must be equipped with oem seat belts that secure to a factory buckle. if oem belts are are not present then a 4 point harness is the minimum. harness must be attatched to a hanress bar between a main hoop, and lower lap sections attatched to the frame of the vehicle with eyelets bolts. attatching the harnesses to the rear seat buckles is not allowed. HARNESS BAR ONLY, BETWEEN A MAIN HOOP! If after market bucket seat is present, well fabricated seat brackets will only be accepted and all 4 corners must be securely mounted.

  1. **2015 or newer Snell or ece 22.06 helmet must be worn, it must also be in good condition free of cracks. All persons must be wearing pants, T-shirt, and closed toe shoes, as the minimum clothing requirements. **DOT will not be accepted, no exceptions.



       but, if equipped with one, then the following are required and must meet our specifications.

  1. If the vehicle is equipped with a cage, Padding must meet SFI spec 45.1 or FIA 8857-2001. Padding is required anywhere driver helmet may come in contact with the roll cage and along the base of the  driver’s side A-pillar bar and box if applicable.
  2. All welds shall be visually inspected and shall be acceptable if the following conditions are satisfied: 
  3. Welds shall be continuous around the entire tubular structure
  4. The weld shall have no cracks. 
  5. Grinding down of welds is prohibited.
  6. Thorough fusion shall exist between weld metal and base metal. 
  7. All craters shall be filled to the cross section of the weld. 
  8. Undercut shall be no more than .01-inch deep. 
  9. Aluminum bronze or silicon bronze welding technique is permitted, but extreme care shall be used in preparation of parts before bronze welding and in the design of the attaching sheet metal joints. 

2.2.4 ROLL CAGE MATERIALA. Roll Cage Material must be Seamless SAE 1020 or 1025 mild steel tubing, DOM, and or chromoly. (Please refer to formula d rulebook for full breakdown)

ERW tubing is not permitted.

All roll cage tubing in the requirements listed below must be a minimum of 1.5 x .095-inch for all materials.


**Competition Structure:

Gates open at 9am

Tech/ track walk 9-10:15am

Drivers meeting 10:30am Sharp NO EXCEPTIONS

^^Layout release at drivers meeting^^ (don’t miss)

11-12 Practice starts

12:15pm Qualifying -finish 

4:30pm- 8:30 open drift (drive with the competitors)


  • Grassroots Comp will compile a 32 min car field (Ideally).
  • Drivers will be required to pass a thorough tech inspection and checklist.
  • Drivers will be given an allotted track practice time (1 hr). Prior to qualifying.
  • Qualifying- Everyone gets one qualifying pass. If you zero your qualifying pass you get a 2nd chance to qualify and are in the lower side of the bracket behind everyone with a score from the first qualifying round (even if you get a higher score on your second run after a zero). If you double zero the judges will place you at the end of the bracket how they best see fit (yes everyone qualifies at the end of the day) top 10 qualifiers get qualifying points. 1st qualifier gets 10pts, second gets 9pts, 3rd gets 8 pts and so on, you get the point.


  •  Scores are based off Line (30), Angle (30), and Style (30), (10) X Factor points compiling a score out of 100 points! Where we can then form a 32 car bracket 
  • Run top 32 bracket, with traditional 2 run format. One chase run and one lead run, so on so forth to finish.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will receive prizes (to be announced)


**Open Drift  to Follow, post competition !