Open Drift Tech Requirements

**Few key points to be reminded of with this responsibility of using the facility as a “Drift Community” Under Bold Connections Drift Alliance Inc.

We are the only ones responsible for the future of this sport at our local tracks so do your part. Tracks are slowly trickling away.

 1. Dirt drops are extremely frowned upon, along with using cones, Barriers, and tire walls as clipping points. We will operate on a strict single warning rule, after that you will be asked kindly to leave the premises. It’s not a joking matter.

 2. Clean up after yourselves- used tires, zap straps, oil containers (oil spillage) bumpers etc, the list goes on. Take it with you, and clean up after yourselves if you want to be welcomed back.

 3. Cold zones are cold zones, if you are caught doing anything (stupid) in one you will be told to leave, no exceptions. Tons of track time always to be had.

 4. Keep your limbs in the vehicle at all time, drivers you’re responsible for your passengers. Closed toed shoes, pants and tshirt are the minimal clothing requirements for all our events. Passengers also follow same helmet requirements

 5. There will be a clean up crew at the end of every evening, of every drift day. Give a helping hand we are all in this together.

 *** Any Poor Behavior will not be tolerated. This will be under the discretion of the event Organizer/ Organizers and or the Facility Owners. You will simply asked to leave the facility and not come back until your willing to put in a full volunteers day at an organized Bold Connections Drift Alliance function, depending on the severity of your actions.

Basic Car Requirements

-car must be free of any leaks -electrical must appear tidy, (back yard wiring jobs will be thoroughly inspected) -cars must have all wheel studs and lugs in place -your battery must be securely mounted, and your positive terminal adequately covered Incase of battery ejection from mount. -If you have a relocated battery. We require a minimum 50amp fuse breaker to be wired in place and an on/ off switch inline within the drivers reach or in the proper under windshield position on exterior of car.

-your windshield must not have any vision impairing cracks or any sort of significant spiderwebbing.

-if your turbo or turbo manifold is running close to brake masters you must have an adequate heat shield in place.

-cars must be equipped with an A, B, or C 2.5lbs minimum fire extinguisher (we highly recommend a 5lb) fire sticks will also be accepted. Fire extinguisher must be SECURELY mounted within the drivers reach from seat.

-drivers you're responsible for your passengers. The same helmet and clothing rules apply to them as they do to you.

A **2015 or newer Snell or ece 22.06 helmet must be worn, it must also be in good condition free of cracks.

All persons must be wearing pants, T-shirt, and closed toe shoes, as the minimum clothing requirements.

**DOT Helmets will not be accepted, no exceptions.

-All vehicles must have working brake lights and headlights.

-vehicles must have adequate seat belts (improperly mounted harness will be rejected for use)

-steering wheel must be secure along with your seats.

-harness bars will not be accepted. They must be properly secured to a properly installed harness bar mounted between two vertical tubes (main hoop) and securely welded to the floor. No exceptions.

-for all cage rules please refer to our competition tech requirements! or the 2023-24 formula drift rule book section 2.2 under “Chassis”.

-Convertible cars must be equipped with a basic roll bar construction consisting of a main hoop, harness bar, diagonal support and rear stays. An Oem LATCHING hard top may be used, but MUST BE Oem.

** if you do not wish to tandem. Simply let our start line official know (or do the traditional sign, of hazard lights on) to signify the person behind you, we are all here to learn and have a good time let’s not ruin it for each-other!

All drivers must sign a waiver prior to participating: